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In 2000 my old school in Prater street looked for practical instructor. My master teacher, who worked there as lead practical instructor, invited me warmly and I accepted the position.
It was an odd tide in life and also a nice present that my master became my colleague. I was honoured. I faced a totally new situation, the big and beautiful challenge of the education.
I accomplished a German Platinum course of Platin Gilde in 2000.
In 2004 I took a jewellery appraiser exam successfully.
I teached the new goldsmith generation for 8 years, following my masters example. I had four groups in the workroom named József Szentpéteri, leading them from the very beginning to the successful examination. Many of my students became successful goldsmith, some of them started his own business. Indeed, someone works in London around the most famous Jewellers.
In 2008 I left the education because my goals and dreams drove me to new ways.
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