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I started my goldsmith studies at age 14 in 1982 at the former No. 6 Institute of Budapest, located in street Prater 31.
I learned at the apprentice workshop of the State Minter (today Metal Art). My teacher was Kriston Lászlóné. That time the study time took 3 years thus we had enough time to learn and practice the basic catches.
I enjoyed the years in Prater street school, I have a lot of beautiful memories from there. I put successful goldsmith exam in 1985.
I started my professional carrier in State Minter, I worked in the so called gold workroom as monteur and modellist. I had many unselfish colleagues who handed over their experience. I created jewellery mainly for export (Kuvait, USA). There were often jewelery covered with enamel and having great value precious stones.
I put the final examination at secondary scool in 1990, after that in 1991 I left Sate Minter. My curiosity drove me abroad. I spent a lot of time in Germany, got familiar with goldsmith shops and practices. I visited famous exhibitions abroad, was in Antwerpen on the Diamond Stock Exchange as well. After five years I came back and settled in Hungary. I worked at a famous Hungarian Goldsmith workshop for one and half years.
I completed my master exam in 1998.
To be continued...
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